Conference Programme

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Delegate Registration is now closed !

Day 1 (Lecture Theatre, Haydn Ellis Building, Graduate Centre)

9 – 9:30 Welcome and registration

9:30 – 9:45 Welcome Words by Paul Bowman, Director of JOMEC – Centre for Interdisciplinary Film & Visual Culture Research Centre

9:45 – 11:15 – Panel 1, Chair: Claudio Celis

(3 papers , 20 mins each, 20 mins Q&A)

Japan, Jazz and Cinema – A Psychosocial Exploration of Post-War Japanese New Wave Films

-Chrys Chijiutomi, Birkbeck College, University of London

Jazz as Individual Expression: An Analysis of the Fabulous Baker Boys Soundtrack 

-Adam Biggs, Bath Spa University 

The Scattered Dream of “Same Time, Same Station”: The Nat King Cole Show Emile Wennekes, Utrecht University

 *11: 15 – 11: 45 Coffee Break*


11:45 – 1:15 – Panel 2, Chair: Xin Zhang

(3 papers, 20 mins , 20 mins Q& A)

 Biopics – Facts and Fiction

-Peter Wegele, independent researcher, pianist-composer-arranger-author

 Jazz and Animation

-Coninneach Shanks, independent researcher, writer, psychotherapist

Politics at Play: Jazz and Chinese Cinema, 1937 – 1949

-Victor Fan, King’s College, University of London


*1:15 – 2:45 Lunch Break*

2:45 – 4:15 – Panel 3, Chair: Alicia Stark

(3 papers, 20mins, 20 mins Q& A)

 Jazz Standard Jazz: The Contradictory Impulses of the Soundtrack to Karoly Makk’s Another Way”

-Aaron Hunter, Queen’s University, Belfast

Focus on the scene: Fictional Depictions of Jazz Culture in the 1980s and 1990s

-Willem Strank, Kiel University

The Shifting Semantics of Jazz in Movie Scores: Illustrated by Musical Transcriptions and Selected Film Samples

-Konstantin Jahn, Dresden Conservatory, Germany


*4:15 – 4:45 Coffee Break*


4: 45 – 5: 45 Key Note

Filming Improvisation: stylistic challenges for jazz and cinema

-Nicolas Pillai, Warwick University


5: 45 – 6:00 – Closing Words for Day 1, highlight for day 2, and dinner & drink invitation 


6:00 – 7: 00 Break

7:00 pm onwards  – Dinner, drinks & entertainment at Jazz Café


Day 2 (Lecture Theatre, Haydn Ellis Building, Graduate Centre)

10:00 – 11:30 – Panel 4, Chair: Alicia Stark

(3 papers, 20 mins, 20 mins Q&A)

Jazz in 1950s Hollyood” + Introduction to Jazz and Film Blog

-Brian Joe Bribey, Independent researcher

The Film Composer Duke Ellington

– Peter Wegele, independent researcher, pianist-composer-arranger-author

The Jazz Film Music of Sir John Dankworth

-Frank Griffith, Brunel University


*11:30 – 11:45 Coffee Break*


11:45 – 1: 15 – Panel 5, Chair: Claudio Celis

(3 papers, 20 mins, 20 mins Q & A)

 Sax and the City: New York, New York (1977), Urban Decline and the Jazz Musical

– Martha Shearer, King’s College London

John Surman, Jazz Improvisation, Electronics and the Soundtrack

-Gilbert Gabriel, Cardiff University Alumni

Madness and Dysfuctionality: Jazz’s Screen Burden

-Jeremy Barham, University of Surrey


*1: 15 – 2: 15 Lunch Break*


2: 15 – 3:45 – Panel 6, Chair: Martin Curda

(3 papers, 20 mins, 20 mins Q & A)

Emulating Terror: Musical Interaction, Cohesion & Narrative Mirroring in David Cronenberg’s  Naked Lunch

-Thomas Williams, University of Surrey

Wong Kar-Wai, Jazz and Reputation Making

-Wikanda Promkhuntong, Aberystwyth University

Quiney Jones and The Pawnbroker: Jazz Arrangers Enter the World of Film Composition

 -Paul Cott, King’s College, University of London

3: 45 – 4: 00 – Jazz and cinema, publications, and closing words

-Hiu M. Chan, Cardiff University

*Programme and abstracts will be available for download soon on our website

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