Jazz and Cinema Journal

The Soundtrack: special issue on jazz and cinema
Guest edited by Hiu M. Chan
ISSN: 17514193
Online ISSN: 17514207
First published in 2008
2 Issues per volume
Volume 6 Issue 1-2

Cover Date: March 2014

Hiu M. Chan

Page Start: 3

Filming improvisation: Jazz criticism’s neglect of film style
Nicolas Pillai
Jazz as individual expression: An analysis of The Fabulous Baker Boys soundtrack
Adam Biggs
Extraterritorial cinema: Shanghai jazz and post-war Hong Kong Mandarin musicals
Victor Fan
Sax and the city: New York, New York (Scorsese, 1977), urban decline and the jazz musical
Martha Shearer
Of mice and music: Image, soundtrack and historical possibility
Coinneach Shanks
Duke Ellington, the film composer
Peter Wegele
Interview with Sir John Dankworth on his jazz film scores
Frank Griffith

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